Confused Footprints – Theme Week: Oddities (3/8)

Confused Footprints

There is something about the physical representation of the smallest unit of a journey that speaks to me. These confused footprints were painted on the sidewalk in Graz, Austria. I found it odd that they didn’t lead anywhere. Footprints leading nowhere unsettled me, which was probably the artists content. I can’t decide if this represents a single person walking erratically or if it represents three people standing facing each other for some reason. These footprints really caught my attention.

It was hard to get the angle on this shot right and I had to try a few different times (thankful for digital photography because I would have wasted a lot of film!) I aimed the shallow depth of field and the positioning of the footprints in the picture. Thankfully the 600D camera has a swivel screen. It’s not a feature I use often, but when I have needed it I have been very thankful for it. In post-processing I decided to convert to B&W and really lied the high contrast. I felt it gave the picture more of a crime scene feel.

Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: EF 40mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Shutter Speed: 1/160
ISO: 100
Postprocessing: Lightroom

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