Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset

After a long day of work, I drove home using back roads because of a traffic jam. Rather stressed and on autopilot completing my daily routine, I noticed the colors in the sky. They were in fact so varied and bright, I stopped the car to take a snapshot. I have posted quite a few sunsets, so you may know by now that I really enjoy them. It’s like nature painting on the sky. It is neat how the colors change so quickly. The colors in the sky on this night were simply amazing.

Some photographers criticize smartphone pictures. But I am happy that even when I don’t have my camera at hand, my iPhone has a pretty decent camera on it. I would have been very mad if I hadn’t captured this sunset. I was surprised at how well the camera captured the colors. I recall only needing to take a few pictures to get the right brightness by telling the phone where to focus and meter the light. Indeed I would have preferred to be able to adjust the camera manually and get a higher-quality shot with my Canon, but given the circumstances this picture is quite nice. The actual sun is a bit washed out, for example.

Camera: iPhone 5S
Aperture: f/2.2
Shutter Speed: 1/60
ISO: 50
Postprocessing: Flickr online editor

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