Turning Torso

Turning Torso

I remember seeing sketches of the Turning Torso on a skyscraper blog when construction started in 2001. The unique design and claim as tallest building in Scandinavia generated a lot of interest. So when I travelled to Malmö, Sweden, this tower was on the top of my sightseeing list. The building was completed in 2005 and is 190 m / 623 ft tall. Many buildings are given artsy or inspiring names, but this one really fits. The building looks almost as if it is in motion, or stretching.

Such an interesting building with its curved lines, it was fun to capture so many different angles. The composition really changes the entire picture. This was my favorite, the twist is very evident and the contrast with the dramatic sky is strong.

Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: EF-S 18-55 at 18mm
Aperture: f/10.0
Shutter Speed: 1/250
ISO: 100
Postprocessing: Lightroom

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