Tangents – Theme Week: Shapes (4/7)


Having grown up in New Jersey, I am well-aquainted with traffic circles. And the thought of traffic circles usually reminds me of stressful traffic. I find that the traffic circles in Germany are usually not subject to as much traffic as those back in NJ, and are much less stressful. And while I am well-aware that a traffic circle is just that – a circle, I took this picture because it was the first time I saw one from above. This was taken from the Munich TV Tower. I immediately noticed the geometric shapes – a circle with four tangents – dominates more than the actual objects.

This was a simple snapshot taken in an automatic mode. It was a snowy winter day, and therefore the picture was almost looked like a black and white photo even before I converted it. I decided to make the conversion, as it allowed me to increase the contrast and lower the blacks to bring out the shapes even more.

Camera: Canon Powershot G9
Aperture: f/4.8
Shutter Speed: 1/320
ISO: 160
Postprocessing: Lightroom

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