Summer Break

Sea Isle Sunrise

I will be offline taking a summer break from the blog. No fear, I am not abandoning photography, I just won’t have Internet access. Rest assured I will have a couple of SD cards full of pictures when I return. New blog post  on or before August 5.

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I always try to respect sacred ground, even if it is from an ancient religion or from a people with a different belief system than I have. Grønsalen is located on the Danish island of Møn and is a long barrow burial site dating back to around 3500 BC. The weather was beautiful and the site was peaceful. I thought the site would either not stir any emotion or feel like a cemetery. Instead, I felt more respectful to those people who have long passed and chose this site to bury their dead.  It is amazing to know people were walking around, living their lives, and honoring their dead that long ago on a spot where I was standing. It makes me wonder how similar their lives were and think of how different their lives were to mine.

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Door to Pac Man

20141101-161928-untitled shoot-15690170513_24a2a24456_o-2

Did you ever what was behind a door? A nice home? Adventure? Horrors? The Pac Man ghost graffiti drew my eye to this doorway in Nancy, France. Then I noticed the colors, which to me seemed to not fit in with the building as a whole. The colors are worn in a way that almost looks as if it were intended. The graffiti looks as if it belongs there. I assume that the graffiti is just random. But what if it means something? Is Pac Man behind this door?

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Nature’s Painting

Nature's Painting

I do not like hot weather, and the recent hot weather led me to think about the fall. I took this picture on a walk to look at the foliage. Unfortunately the fall foliage in Germany does not compare to what you see in New England, but the colors are still pretty. I remember not liking the fall as a kid because it meant back to school. But as I attended college in New England, I grew to love the fall – the cool weather, the beautiful foliage, and well back to school was a good thing. Now fall is one of my favorite seasons. I don’t want to wish the summer away, but thinking about the fall helps me stay cool during a heat wave.

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