Atomium – Theme Week: Shapes (2/7)


I first visited Brussel, Belgium in 1999. When talking about the visit to others who have been to the city, the question “So you visited Atomium, right?”. Well I didn’t even know what it was. While maybe not as famous, visiting Brussels and not visiting Atomium is like visiting New York and not seeing the Statue of Liberty. When I visited in 2013 again, Atomium was at the top of my list.

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Circle in the Sky – Theme Week: Shapes (1/7)

Circle in the Sky

One suggestion for theme week was shapes. I chose this one because I knew I had enough old material to be able to post quickly. It is interesting to go back and look through so many pictures but view them differently. I have my pictures organized chronologically according to event. But sorting through them for a specific theme was quite an interesting experience and I found a few that surprise me in retrospect. And the shape theme jumps out as obvious even though I didn’t think of it like that before.

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Woman in Atlantic City

As I have mentioned previously, I think about stories a lot. I wonder what benches the stories on the boardwalk tell. The vacationers, the lovers, the criminals, the storms. When people are sitting on benches I wonder what their story is. In this case, I was walking around Atlantic City with my telephoto lens trying to take pictures that were not typical. I spotted this person sitting on the bench and the look on her face caught me. I still can’t tell if it is peaceful or distraught.

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High Hopes

High Hopes

I have mixed feeling about casinos. Growing up near Atlantic City, casinos were always present. I was very excited when I turned 21 so I could finally gamble. I discovered that I love to play blackjack. In fact on my 21st birthday, I won at blackjack and immediately though I had found my calling. A visit a few weeks later a subsequent visit taught me the lesson that the odds are always in the house’s favor. Nevertheless, i do enjoy blackjack. At the same time, I find the very the idea of gambling is sad. And the amount of money that is thrown away is sad.

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Challenge Me: Theme Weeks

I would like to make Refracting Dymond a bit more interactive by featuring theme weeks. During a theme week, I would like to post 5 pictures that in one way or another fit the theme.

It could be something technical, such as long exposures. It could be content-related like sunrises. It could be location-related like New York City. It could be abstract like blue.

I would love to hear your suggestions here, on Facebook, or on Instagram. Don’t be shy – challenge me!